Advanced Warehouse Management

  • Embedded Dynamics AX Functionality

  • Global Inventory Visibility & Accuracy

  • Labor Optimization

  • Increase Order Throughput

  • “One Version of the Truth”

Warehousing for AX (WAX), is a Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) 2012 module solution that integrates advanced supply chain capabilities seamlessly into your new or existing Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP System. Providing a complete real-time, global view of your business by extending significant functionality around the abilities of Dynamics AX, WAX allows you to accomplish warehousing tasks easily and efficiently.

Part of the Supply Chain Suite for Dynamics AX, WAX integrates seamlessly with the Transportation for AX [TRAX] and Supplier Management [Vendor Portal] solutions to create a single integrated Business Process Platform for the enterprise. WAX adds the best possible fulfillment services without the need for a separate Warehouse Management System. WAX aggregates and consolidates warehouse data, providing “One Version of the Truth.”

Inventory Control

  • Real-time 360° Inventory Visibility
  • Real-Time Cycle Counting
  • RF Adjustments and Movements
  • Real-Time Replenishment
  • License Plate Control Configurable Inventory Status
  • JIT Production Support; RF Component Moves, Report as Finished


Embedded Radio Frequency

  • Real-Time Transaction Processing
  • Role Tailored Menu Structure
  • Receive, Putaway, Pick, Stage, Load,
  • Inventory Mgt, Production
  • Labor Statistics Capture
  • Supports Windows CE / Windows
  • Mobile Devices


Workflow Enabled

  • Inbound, Outbound, Production, Inventory Management
  • Configurable Process Workflow
  • Support for Custom Workflow Steps
  • Rules Driven Allocation and Storage
  • Custom Data Capture


Order Fulfillment

  • Wave / Load Planning
  • Deferred Reservation Strategies
  • RF System Directed
  • Pick, Pack, Stage, Load
  • Value Add Services
  • Advanced Pick Flows: Batch Pick, Cluster Pick, Pick & Pass
  • Carton / Pallet Packing
  • Carrier Routing / Assignment
  • Quality Control


Labor Optimization

  • Work Task Interleaving
  • Prioritized Work Assignment
  • Real-Time RF Work Completion
  • Eliminate Manual Activities
  • Benchmark Work Rates
  • Estimated Time to Completion
  • Capture Actual Task Duration
  • Labor Reporting


Advanced Operations Support

  • Inbound / Outbound EDI Support
  • Document Generation
  • Compliant Labeling
  • Cross-Dock and Flow-Through
  • Embedded Transportation Planning and Execution Capabilities
  • Retail Distribution
  • MHE Integration


“The functionalities within WAX are by far the most flexible and
scalable WMS features we have ever encountered.  We are extremely pleased with our decision to invest in WAX.
It has truly revolutionized the way we transact business.”

– Gianni Barkett, CTO, Amalie Oil Company

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