Do you know who your top suppliers are?
Can you recognize which suppliers are improving or declining? Do you have information that you can leverage in negotiating supplier contracts? If not,
let Blue Horseshoe introduce you to Vendor Portal.

Vendor Portal is a Supplier Management Solution that provides global visibility to the health of your supplier network by providing real-time dashboard and report card data on individual supplier performance. By integrating seamlessly into your new or existing Enterprise System, Vendor Portal gives you a real-time, automated, global view of your supply chain, allowing you to manage and monitor the performance of your supplier network and immediately impact your bottom line.

How Vendor Portal Works

Vendor Portal integrates your suppliers directly into your systems, thus eliminating the need to implement costly Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions. Vendor portal essentially puts “rules of engagement” on vendors, providing you with a formal
approach to measuring supplier performance and giving you visibility to your entire supplier network. Vendor Portal then aggregates and consolidates this data, providing transparency, clarity and accountability across the enterprise. Although vendors might be concerned about this new form of monitoring, Vendor Portal gives them the ability to use EDI to conduct business with you electronically, without having to buy it themselves. This could greatly reduce their costs of doing business as well.

Closing the Loop

By integrating Vendor Portal into your business, you are closing the loop on the complete order lifecycle and providing consistency across the enterprise with your suppliers using clear performance metrics.


When it comes to managing suppliers, there is no other system on the market that covers such a gamut of business challenges as easily and as automatically. Some of the many benefits of Vendor Portal include:

  • Centralized Automated PO Management
  • Methodology Standardization
  • Reduce Requisition-to-Order Cycle-time
  • Enforce Vendor Program Compliance
  • Workflow Control
  • Expedite Scorecard Reporting
  • Capture Exceptions
  • Shipment Packing & Tracking Wizard
  • Compliance Labeling
  • Import Security Compliance
  • Diminish Safety Stock
  • Transaction Authentication & Security
  • Purchase Order Status Tracking
  • Eliminate Manual Processing/Increased Accuracy
  • EDI Messaging
  • Streamline Invoice to Payment
  • Cut Cost
  • Lower Labor
  • Build Stronger Supplier Relationships


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