Can you provide real-time order visibility to your customers?

Can you detect a customer service issue and react before it escalates?

Do you have a global view of your delivery chain?

If not, let Blue Horseshoe introduce you to is a Trading Partner Management Solution that provides global visibility to the health of your supply chain network by providing real-time dashboard and report card data on shipment and order status. By integrating seamlessly into your new or existing Enterprise System, provides real-time, automated, global view of your supply chain, allowing customers to manage and monitor the performance of their orders and shipments while in process.

How Works integrates your customers and trading partners directly into your systems, thus eliminating the need to implement costly Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions. deploys role-based security to allow your customers and trading partners access to real-time information so that they may plan efficiently.  Statics and KPI’s are captured and aggregated so that you may evaluate performance and delivery efficiency across your global logistics network.

Closing the Loop

By integrating into your business, you are closing the loop on the complete order lifecycle and providing consistency across the enterprise with your trading partners and using clear performance metrics.  All Trading Partner information captured throughout the delivery chain is immediately made available through the solution.


When it comes to managing trading partners, there is no other system on the market that covers such a gamut of business challenges as easily and as automatically. Some of the many benefits of include:

  • Centralized Automated Shipment Management
  • Workflow Control
  • Capture Exceptions
  • Transaction Authentication & Security
  • Order Status Tracking
  • Eliminate Manual Processing/Increased Accuracy
  • EDI Messaging
  • Build Stronger Customer Relationships
  • Real-time visibility to Orders
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Delivery Forecast Visibility
  • Minimize Delivery Disruptions
  • Role Based Security


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