Advanced Transportation Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX… a faster,  More efficient, Power filled, Transportation solution for your business.

Embedded directly into one of the world’s most powerful ERP systems – Microsoft Dynamics AX.

With Advanced TRAX, there are no add ons, No separate software…Just one seamless enterprise solution utilizing the most cutting edge supply chain technology.

Advanced TRAX extends the capabilities of base TRAX to support advanced transportation planning and execution environments – multi-segment, multi-modal routes using advanced inbound and outbound planning tools, as well as support for private fleet management

Advanced TRAX provides comprehensive transport logistics – Private and Dedicated Fleet Planning, Hub Management, Dispatch Control, and Pick-Up/Drop-off Planning

Utilizing a state of the art vendor portal, Advanced TRAX also provides a secure, real time dashboard for your team, customers and suppliers to check shipment status, schedule appointments and manage documentation.  Enable 5 Star carrier collaboration, accessed in one easy place for total visibility you control across your entire operation.


  • Automatic Rating / Routing / Carrier Assignment during Wave
  • Advanced COD logic
  • In transit Multi-Modal Planning
  • Carrier.Zn portal integration
  • City-based Rating
  • Stop-off / Pick-up Fee calculation

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