As a Logistics Services Provider (3PL), profitability and customer service are critical.  The Fulfillment Invoicing platform will help to improve billing accuracy and customer service by ensuring the appropriate charges are captured and invoiced in a timely manner.  Fulfillment Invoicing provides the technology to harvest transactions and data from any WMS or Enterprise System for Price Book calculations.  Fulfillment Invoicing helps to maximize revenue through the automatic capture of all billable transactions, as well as minimize the billing cycle time through customer specific billing schedules.

Advanced Features:

  • Centralized Third Party Logistics billing and invoicing platform
  • Price Book Management
  • Recurring and One-time Charges
  • Handling and Storage
  • Activity-based Billing
  • Graduated and Incremental Charges
  • Provides transactional-based and storage-based fee services to customers using a robust rules-based framework
  • Harvests transactions generated by your WMS or Enterprise System
  • Applies a configurable fee structure to transactions to generate a printed invoice automatically

Supply Chain Suite Products for Third Party Logistics Providers: