The Client

Biagi Bros. is a national transportation and warehousing company based in Napa, Calif. The company operates more than 270 trucks and 750 trailers involved in national inter/intrastate dedicated, dry, liquid, bulk & common freight carrier transportation.

Primarily associated with the food and beverage industry, the family-owned and operated freight logistics and 3PL company has 16 warehouse facilities strategically located throughout the United States. Biagi operates over 3 million square feet of food-grade warehouse space and a work force of more than 600 employees.

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Their Challenge

Biagi Bros. has enjoyed steady growth over the years, and like many growing companies, they discovered the need for changes to their systems and processes in order to operate more efficiently. The increase in the amount of data collected, and the company’s manual systems had made tracking orders time consuming and labor intensive, resulting in inefficiency and lost revenue.

The company was operating two separate systems (Vilden and Lawson), which made upgrades very challenging while also keeping up with the growing business. With their previous WMS, the company did not have the capabilities for system directed put-away or picking. Without full end-to-end lot control, performing a product recall for a customer was extremely difficult and time consuming. An entire corporate function was dedicated to Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) compliance and tracking, and all warehouse functions were paper-based. Consistency between warehouses became a growing concern, and standardization of warehouse processes and billing was essential.

Revenue opportunities were being lost by not being able to accurately capture charges for special services, such as filling out required export forms for customers. Special orders had to be added manually by employees, and were often simply overlooked or omitted due to time constraints.

The Solution

Working closely with the Biagi Bros.’ leadership team, Blue Horseshoe developed a comprehensive strategy to improve operations within its corporate offices and warehouse facilities. The strategy included implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX, a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, and two module solutions from Blue Horseshoe’s Supply Chain Suite for Dynamics AX:

WAX, a Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) module solution, adds the best possible fulfillment services without the need for a separate Warehouse Management System. WAX provides Biagi with full warehouse management functionality including system directed put-away, RF functionality and license plate tracking. Inventory accuracy has been improved, leading to easier warehouse functions such as system directed picking. Best practices are now able to be shared and executed across warehouse locations leading to the standardization of warehouse process. Allowing for the differentiation in various types of picking work, Biagi now has the sales opportunity to charge different rates based on the complexity of the picking process. Documents are now in compliance, leading to less corporate monitoring and manual work to satisfy industry requirements.

BIAS integrates seamlessly into Dynamics AX providing real-time data for fulfillment invoicing, freight reconciliation and carrier performance. Using several engines to aggregate and consolidate information from multiple data sources, BIAS provides a more efficient method to summarize and assign pricing rules across all warehouses. As additional warehouses adopt the WAX capabilities, warehouse services pricing can be standardized across the entire enterprise. Monthly billing tasks are now automated, allowing users to focus their attention on providing more value-add services to their clients.

The combined functionality of these solutions also specifically addresses the missed special services charges. Dynamics AX allows for predefined special services to appear on Special Orders and Purchase Orders, WAX tracks the type of picking and BIAS pulls out daily transactional activities into a pool, reconciles and analyzes data at the end of month, and creates a billing batch that interfaces back to AX to create accounts receivable entries. Additionally, Blue Horseshoe enabled a transaction in BIAS to capture all export special orders at the end of the month and price detail auto input the service item.

The Results

  • Real-Time, global view of business operations
  • “One Version of the Truth”
  • Improved profit & loss visibility (“Found” revenue-approx. $3,000/mth in missed fees)
  • External customer portal (providing customers real-time inventory & order status)
  • Real-time, bin-level inventory visibility & lot tracking
  • Customized special transaction functionality
  • Reductions in manual processes & labor costs
  • Increased accuracy (Little disruption to the operation; go-live was during the busiest month in Biagi’s history)
  • Process automation (significantly reducing the billing cycle)
  • System directed put-away capabilities
  • Rules-based picking
  • TTB compliant Bills of Lading & reporting
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

“We selected Blue Horseshoe because the company has an impressive track record of implementing solutions across a number of different industries and verticals. It’s been truly amazing to see what a difference a complete financial and warehouse management system makes…We were very pleased with how smoothly the Go-live went.” Nick Biagi – Director of IT, Biagi Bros