Developed by Blue Horseshoe to extend base functionality of Microsoft’s powerful Dynamics AX Enterprise solution, the Supply Chain Suite for Dynamics AX is a Business Process Platform comprised of advanced supply chain management solutions.

Unlike other solutions, the Supply Chain Suite products embed industry-specific functionality directly into the business layer of Dynamic AX’s architecture, offering identical performance, processing and file structures across the complete enterprise. You will never have to synchronize, batch or reconcile data, and will always have “Single Version of the Truth.”


Supporting both complex and simple distributors and manufacturers, WAX  is written in X++ and is embedded directly into the layers of Dynamics AX.  A full four walls warehouse management module, WAX improves upon AX’s functionality in order fulfillment, order management, inventory management and production.

WAX allows you to

  • reduce labor, inventory, and transportation costs,
  • while improving fill rates, facility utilization, order cycle times,  and inventory turn rates.

WAX has built in workflow, radio frequency, and best practice procedures; and also leverages our transportation planning/execution solution  [TRAX].  From pre-receiving through order fulfillment, the entire process  can be optimized using the WAX solution.


Written in X++ and embedded directly into the layers of Dynamics AX, TRAX is an advanced module for  AX that allows you to take control of your organizations advanced transportation planning and execution capabilities.  Built into the order fulfillment and purchasing functions of AX, TRAX supports both inbound and outbound transportation.  TRAX aggregates and consolidates your transportation data, without the need for a separate Transportation Management System [TMS].

A global enterprise transportation solution, TRAX supports planning for nearly all modes of transportation including

  • Small Package
  • LTL
  • Truckload
  • Rail
  • Multi-Modal

With TRAX, load building, dock/appointment scheduling, routing guides and constraints, and a freight reconciliation process to audit freight bills, are all supported within a single solution.


Business Intelligence as a Service [BIAS] integrates seamlessly into existing Enterprise Systems, Warehouse Management System [WMS] or Transportation Management System [TMS] to provide real-time data for fulfillment invoicing, freight reconciliation and carrier performance. BIAS uses several engines to aggregate and consolidate information from multiple data sources to provide clarity, continuity, and completeness across the enterprise.


Vendor Portal is a Supplier Management Solution that provides global visibility to the health of your supplier network by providing real-time dashboard and report card data on individual supplier performance.

By integrating seamlessly with Dynamics AX, Vendor Portal gives you a real-time, automated, global view of your supply chain, allowing you to manage and monitor the performance of your supplier network and immediately impact your bottom line.