By: Bill Ducat

What if your enterprise (back office, supply chain, warehousing, transportation, etc.) applications could automatically make decisions and react based on real-time information?
Any information. Natively. No exporting.

Why be a slave to solutions that limit you to their finite definitions of what information you need to drive your business?

“I guess she’s an Xbox, and I’m more an Atari.” Cee Lo Green’s lyrics in his song “Forget You”.

Are you as constrained with your current applications as we once were playing the video games from the 1980’s and 1990’s?

Just as my son’s video games make the ones I played look, well; cumbersome, so too can old approaches in enterprise applications. Worse yet, the old solutions cost more to keep pace as new requirements emerge.

The “Xbox” to which I refer is what I call “Data Driven Decision Making”. The ability to use the data, any data, in your application to power automated decision making and workflows.

A great example is what we do with our Warehousing for Dynamics AX (WAX), which is powered by the Microsoft Dynamics AX foundation. In a fluid warehouse, information is constantly changing in real time. Supply chains are constantly dealing with change and disruption. WAX has the ability to use any information available in the database to drive decisions and direct workflow.

Old applications, which provided great value in their time, were limited as follows:

  1. Here are the 10 criteria we have provided for you to select a business rule
  2. There are 5 business rules to choose from, because that is what we have programmed
  3. If you need any other criteria, or any other business rules, you can pay by the hour to have them created. And you can pay again to apply them to the next release.
  4. If you need to adapt to an unexpected change of business, you can work around the system

Typically, business just exported information to Microsoft Excel, made decisions based on the data, and then worked around their applications. They had no other option other than spending millions on customizations.

What if you used Dynamics AX, Warehousing for AX, and Transportation for AX and you could:

  1. Leverage any field or combination of fields in the database to drive decisions?
    -If you are managing sales orders, why not be able to look at customer data, inventory data, product engineering information, original vendor data, etc. to drive decisions and workflow.
  2. What if the business rules were unlimited and configurable by any data, grouping of data, sorting of data.
  3. What if there were ways to enter a “rush” or “exception” criteria, and have the solution walk a different path this one time?
  4. What if there were ways, even within the workflow, to adapt to real time data, and change the flow in real time?
  5. What if you could empower your super users to leverage these tools without customization, 3rd party or IT cost or involvement.

Every system is driven by the data. But other than Dynamics AX, most solutions have taken that decision away from you. They decided for you. Get to a solution that lets you control your own destiny via “Data Driven Decision Making”.