Jr. Velazquez“Blue Horseshoe’s system expertise, enduring support and overall commitment from every level of their organization has been vital to our project’s success. Our business has been transformed, modernized, and is prepared for years of continued industry growth”

Jr. Velazquez
Patrón Spirits International

Robert Kimbrell, VP of Operations“Blue Horseshoe was the profound differentiator. They were cost effective, local, and did a great job from an operational standpoint and the consulting process. They really have done a wonderful job in understanding our business and tailoring systems that fit our business.”

Robert Kimbrell, VP of Operations
Holland House Furniture

The people from Blue Horseshoe not only acted as technology consultants, but also as business consultants. They were extremely helpful from a consultant standpoint on our operations side and on a systems side.
“Every single day, employees would spend 30 minutes fixing the disconnections between the two old solutions. Thanks to the true integration between Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and WAX, the Holland House team no longer has to waste time fixing communication mistakes, saving valuable time that they can spend on other important tasks.”

Robert Kimbrell, VP of Operations
Holland House Furniture

Gianni Barkett, Chief Information Officer These solutions have truly revolutionized the way we transact business by helping us overcome significant efficiency and visibility hurdles in our inbound and outbound logistics operations. We can now systematically see our supply order confirmations and ship notifications, and can receive raw materials efficiently into our docks with a single step. And using TRAX appointment scheduler, driver check-in/check-out and dock assignment capabilities, we can manage both inbound and outbound loads without ever leaving the familiar Dynamics AX user interface.”

Gianni Barkett, Chief Information Officer
Amalie Oil Co.

– Daniel Dugan, IT Director of Application Services“Blue Horseshoe was able to quickly understand our supply chain business and proposed its Vendor Portal system as a solution to significant challenges we were experiencing. Our efficiencies in shipping, receiving, warehouse and tracking our international orders has improved with Blue Horseshoe’s solution and we look forward to our next steps with Blue Horseshoe to further enhance our operations.”

– Daniel Dugan, IT Director of Application Services
Batteries Plus

William G. Bugg, President and CEO “As we looked at various providers and applications, we evaluated both best-of-breed and embedded solutions. In the end, we were sold on the benefits having WAX and TRAX embedded within Dynamics AX because it creates a single system solution that provides all the information we need.”

William G. Bugg, President and CEO
Nivel Holdings, LLC.

Kyle Pettine, Chief Operations Officer“Our business goal is to double in size every five years. We will be adding products to complement our existing portfolio and entertaining possible acquisitions. We’re going to the next level. We needed a system that could keep pace. WAX and TRAX complement Dynamics AX and give us the right solution to support our growth.”

“Before we purchased WAX and Dynamics AX, we had an ERP and a best-of-breed warehouse management system (WMS) that we struggled to keep in sync with one another. We were dysfunctional. We needed one fully integrated and extended system to enable the flexibility, productivity and accuracy we needed — a single version of the truth became imperative.”

“Using two interface systems, ERP and warehouse and transportation management caused many issues, such as out of synch data which required a lot of manual reconciliation. Now, with one system and a completely paperless environment, we have redefined how we work.”

Kyle Pettine, Chief Operations Officer
Forney Industries

Nick Biagi, Director of Information Technology“We selected Blue Horseshoe because the company has an impressive track record of implementing solutions across a number of different industries and verticals. It’s been truly amazing to see what a difference a complete financial and warehouse management system makes.”

Nick Biagi, Director of Information Technology
Biagi Bros.