When Blue Horseshoe was founded in 2001, one of our differentiators in the services market was that we were experts at implementing Enterprise software solutions, for both ERP systems and Supply Chain systems. Our mission to deliver high value solutions to mid market customers for both ERP and Supply Chain continues to remain strong after a decade of service.

One of the most strategic decisions we made in the last 10 years was to invest in a partnership with Microsoft and build an ERP solutions offering around Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft Dynamics AX in particular has grown to be the largest implementation practice at Blue Horseshoe. Microsoft’s significant investment in business systems has created a solution that works very well for our customers in the mid-market. The architecture of AX is flexible which allows companies to implement the advanced functional capabilities provided, while providing a solution that is adaptable to their business.

Additionally, Dynamics AX provides our consulting team with the opportunity to work directly with state-of-the-art technology and methods.

Over the past few years, Blue Horseshoe has deployed solutions around both of our company’s core competencies of ERP and Supply Chain into one integrated solution: Microsoft Dynamics AX, and our Intellectual Property solutions within the Supply Chain Suite for Dynamics AX.

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